power lines running through a rural area

Small Things Can Do Big Things Together

Mosaic Power employees building their devices to control the timing of power consumption

Our Story

Mosaic Power was founded in 2011 as a local Maryland family-owned business with huge aspirations–improving sustainability by making the energy grid cleaner and more efficient. The founder and CEO of Mosaic, Greg Vaudreuil, realized that when devices consume power can be just as important as how much power those devices consume, so he leveraged his background in telecommunications networking and his passion for energy to invent Mosaic. Mosaic creates a virtual power plant by connecting distributed residential devices and controlling when they consume power, essentially creating a “mosaic” of energy storage grid assets. Mosaic is integrated directly with the grid 24×7 and receives indicators of supply and demand every two seconds, so it can cycle devices on and off in near real-time. This service is called “frequency regulation.”

Since Mosaic’s business model is focused on controlling the timing of power consumption, Mosaic has branded its solution the Whole Home Efficiency Network, or “WHEN.” The first use case for WHEN, electric hot water heaters, came to market and passed regulation testing in the local energy grid in Maryland (PJM Interconnection) in October 2013. Since then, Mosaic has grown to a network of over 20,000 hot water heaters in PJM and has developed successful partnerships with other green energy innovators like IGS Energy and Clean Feet Investors. While its hot water heater business continues to grow, Mosaic is actively developing other use cases for WHEN (like residential batteries) and other services to provide to its customers and the grid (like peak demand charge management).

As they continue to expand and evolve, Mosaic is committed to propelling their mission forward- develop innovative technologies to create a more sustainable future!