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Our Customers

Long-Term Partnerships at Mosaic Continue to Grow

A large multifamily property management company in the Mid-Atlantic first partnered with Mosaic in 2014. After a successful 8-year operational history at a number of its properties in MD, VA, and WV, the company expressed a desire to install Mosaic at 100 additional properties in the area to improve their financial performance while making them more climate-friendly. WHEN is proven, consistent, and valuable!

How WHEN is Different

WHEN for Water Heaters Customers

  • Foulger-Pratt
  • TM Associates
  • Bozzuto
  • Allegheny Development
  • Blue Ocean
  • Morgan Properties
  • Grady Management
  • Edgewoood Management
  • National Housing Trust
  • B.HOM Student Living

Industry Partners

  • IGS Energy
  • Clean Feet Investors
  • Zerodraft Maryland
  • PMA (Property Management Association)
  • PLMA (Peak Load Management Alliance)

Mosaic Delivers Significant Value Faster Than Expected

We partnered with Mosaic for the first time at a new luxury apartment community in North Bethesda, MD. We expected the solid financial returns, but we didn’t expect Mosaic to discover a bad water heater while the property was still under construction! Mosaic found another one a year later, too… the water heater had just started to leak but fortunately hadn’t done any major damage yet. We were able to get both water heaters replaced under warranty and avoid significant repairs. The property owner is now asking about what it would take to install Mosaic at all of their properties in the DC Metro Area.

Rob Eisinger | Principal

Managing Director of Project & Asset Management