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Where technology and sustainability meet.

Our innovative technology is branded the Whole Home Efficiency Network, or “WHEN”.

WHEN controls the timing of power consumption of residential devices, shifting consumption based on real-time supply and demand in the energy grid.

WHEN earns revenue from the grid by providing this service, and also ensures that the power consumed by the devices has the lowest carbon footprint possible.

In summary- WHEN contributes to a cleaner, more reliable energy grid while creating a new revenue stream for property owners!

How much energy can be shifted by this water heater network?

Our system can achieve one kilowatt-hours per water heater every hour with no discernible impact to the participant. For every 1,000 water heaters participating in WHEN, we achieve one megawatt-hour. One megawatt equals one million watts or 1,000 kilowatts, roughly enough electricity to power 750 homes at once. We distribute this energy deficit across our water heater network, which adds up to a large impact with thousands of connected water heaters.

We were as skeptical as anyone when Mosaic Power initially offered us free equipment, free installation, on-call service, and that we would receive a payment for doing nothing except allowing them to install their load controllers. To date, this is exactly what has happened and they have been a pleasure to work with.

We get a quarterly check from Mosaic Power which we use to defray rents. The process has worked so well, we’ve asked Mosaic back to install controllers on 22 new units.

I connected my first two properties with Mosaic Power in September, 2015 and have connected 100% of my compatible electric water heaters after getting that initial experience. Allegheny Development now has more than 200 water heaters connected with Mosaic Power.