power lines running through a rural area

Mosaic Receives Affordable Housing Innovation Award for 2016

We are proud to be recognized by the Maryland Affordable Housing Coalition (MAHC) with their 2016 Innovation Award. We have a vision of connecting affordable housing across the country with a cleaner and smarter electric grid.

Mosaic Power’s Water Heater Efficiency Network (WHEN) is now operating more than 5,000 water heaters across the Mid-Atlantic with more than 2,000 in Maryland alone.  That’s two megawatts of community energy storage capacity that we’re operating to make our grid cleaner and smarter.  Not only that, but we’ve figured out a way to pay participants to be a part of WHEN.

The mission of the MAHC is to act as a collective voice for affordable rental housing within Maryland.  The 2016 Innovation award celebrates innovation within the affordable rental housing community in Maryland.  This award is intended to recognize activities undertaken by MAHC members with the key criteria being whether the project is cutting edge and whether it advances the state of affordable housing within Maryland.

The Maryland Affordable Housing Coalition is pleased to present our Innovation Award to Mosaic Power for its approach to increasing the efficiency of when water heaters use electricity while providing affordable housing property owners new revenue to pay for capital expenses or lower operating costs.”

– Miranda Darden, Executive Director, Maryland Affordable Housing Coalition

Mosaic simply writes rebate checks to the water heater owners and they decide 100% what to do with that newfound money.  Some use it to reduce rent, some use it to make upgrades, and some simply use it to the (much needed) general capital fund that is used for housing maintenance.

Mosaic Power’s central value to the affordable housing world is that connecting with us is cost positive.  Yes, connecting with us lowers the carbon footprint of each property and bring them into a smarter electric grid.  In the day to day world of providing quality housing and making upgrades to properties without impacting tenant rents, new money is golden and much needed. We offer a way for housing managers and owners to receive a sparkly check at the end of each quarter for – in PJM’s region – $100 for every connected water heater.

Mosaic will continue to focus our community energy storage service in the affordable housing that serve low-income people.  As we look nationwide to utilize the great potential of water heaters in tenant closets to help bring renewable energy online and make our grid smarter, we want to start a conversation with anyone in the affordable housing world to find how we can serve you.