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Reduce your carbon footprint AND benefit the Sierra Club at the same time!

Sierra Club

Does your electric water heater need some schooling? Does it need to be smarter? A smarter water heater means reducing carbon emissions by as much as 1.5 tons per year for EACH water heater! Smarter water heaters also reward the Sierra Club Virginia Chapter with some real $ cash-ola!

Introducing the Mosaic Power – Sierra Club electric water heater program!

For every Mosaic heater meter installed, your local Sierra Club Virginia chapter receives $50 toward its important work to protect the environment. You can also select to have your $100 annual rebate donated directly to the Sierra Club. It’s a win-win-win – no matter how you cut it – you, the environment, and your local Virginia Sierra Club!

The Optimization System is free!

All you need is an Internet connection router with an open port. Mosaic Power uses the internet in such a way that your water heater “talks” to the larger electric grid. The system then optimizes the electricity that your water heater already uses to accommodate small changes in the electric grid. There is no change to your hot water supply – it’s there when you want it. There is also no savings or increases to your energy bill. It’s all a matter of timing–making small adjustments to optimize the grid and prevent its need to switch to power from big carbon-intense generators.


Our pilot program is currently available to Sierra Club supporters in both the Mount Vernon and Great Falls areas (i.e., Northern Virginia). The zip code you enter here will determine your eligibility in the pilot program.

Don’t live in the Northern Virginia area, but interested in one day participating?

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