How it Works

In a traditional power grid, electricity operators communicate with power plants, telling them to ramp up production when demand is high, and scale back down when it’s low. Striking a balance to produce just the right amount of electricity is critical to running every utility on the power grid effectively and efficiently.

Wind and solar power’s eco-friendly electricity make them today’s preferred energy sources and they are playing bigger and bigger roles in our lives. They work on mother nature’s schedule, though, making these sources unpredictable and creating a need to use electricity when it is available on the grid.

What if we could collect this energy and store it for later use, when we need it? And what if we could utilize equipment that’s already being used in our homes to do this, without having to build any more power plants? Even better, what if you got paid to participate?

Mosaic Power links all of us together to make this possible. Our flexible power grid controls your water heater intelligently, creating a network of water heaters that can help bring more solar and wind online. Balancing your water heater’s energy usage in real-time, minute-by-minute over the internet, means we can exactly match supply levels with the energy demand.

You get paid for the energy consuming equipment that you already use every day, and become a link in one of the largest energy efficiency networks in the Mid-Atlantic.


Reducing Environmental Impact Without Impacting Your Lifestyle.

Unlike the “Peak Usage” programs you’ve heard about, the Mosaic Power network operates in real time all year long, producing just the right amount of electricity when we need it. We don’t limit your energy use or make you change your daily routine.  Instead, we smooth out the electricity grid by controlling when it’s used.

Electricity continues to heat your water heater – even more efficiently! – and there is no downtime. And unlike other programs, your water heater will never be shut off for hours at a time, so you won’t deal with the hassle of overriding the system.

If we can use energy when there are surpluses, and none when there is too little, the power grid becomes cleaner, more reliable and less expensive. You get paid to participate, and we all breathe in cleaner air.

See Our Power Grid in Action