How it Works

How Our Virtual Power Plant Contributes to a Smarter Grid

Mosaic Power operates a Virtual Power Plant that is made up of thousands of electric water heaters.  Our Virtual Power Plant times the electricity use by each and every connected water heater with when electricity is being produced on the grid. By increasing the efficiency of when thousands of water heaters are using electricity, we are creating a smarter power grid one water heater at a time.

We operate in what’s called the Frequency Regulation Market in the electricity grid.  The electricity grid in the Mid-Atlantic is operated by an entity called “PJM”.  PJM describes Frequency Regulation as, “a service which corrects for short term changes in electricity use which might affect the stability of the power system.”   This increased efficiency also cuts the need for power plants to ramp up unnecessary generation to supply power for “random” electricity use.

This means that we are reducing pollution and creating a better power grid without affecting whether participants have hot water available for showers, washing clothes, and other aspects of daily life.

One water heater at a time is our method.  With a small load controller installed on the electric line running to your water heater, you can become a piece of our solution.  It takes a licensed electrician just 20 minutes to connect your water hater and the only impact you see is that we pay you $100 per year for each water heater you connect.

If you’d like to know more about the Frequency Regulation Market, just click here to visit PJM’s page for their Ancillary Services.



Increasing Your Efficiency Without Impacting Your Lifestyle

We are different that the “Peak Shaving” or “Demand Response” Programs you may have heard of from your electric utility.  Our Virtual Power Plant of electric water heaters operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year creating a smarter power grid.

While different from what we do, Peak Shaving programs play a big role in creating a better, smarter power grid and they operate by cycling air conditioners, water heaters and other appliances on and off during periods of peak electricity demand.  These programs can turn appliances off for extended periods of time with the goal of reducing demand for multiple hours during the day.

Our Virtual Power Plant is different in that we operate much, much faster than Peak Shaving Programs. The Frequency Regulation Market, described above, can be understood simply in that it times power use minute by minute where Peak Shaving Programs times power use hour-by-hour.



How We Work With Your Water Heater

Mosaic Power’s Virtual Power Plant connects your electric water heater through a secure cell phone or internet connection with our office in Frederick, Maryland.  We install a small load controller and disconnect box on the electric line running to your water heater without actually touching the water heater itself.  This load controller connects wirelessly to either a box on your modem (in a single family home) or a small cellular device (in a multi-family home building).  We operate a database of all water heaters in our network and remotely adjust their the fast timing of their power use from our office in Frederick.